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About Us: What is this site about?

We are a network of like-minded pet professionals that reside in & around the Dallas-Fort Worth Texas metroplex where we provide services to pet owners. Within our network we have dog trainers, behavior experts, veterinarians, vet techs, groomers, dog walkers & pet sitters. 

Due to the pet industry being completely unregulated, outside of the veterinary field, we find it imperative that we always send pet owners to a qualified, well-educated professional to meet their needs for their pet. This is why we started this network & vet our professionals before granting them membership.

We all agree on behavior methods, philosophies and training techniques. We all agree that we do not use –– or recommend trainers that use –– aversive tools/training and out-dated training methods.  

These professionals in our network are vetted before becoming a member so that we can feel confident when we refer to another professional within our network.  We strive to provide a network of professionals that we are confident with their qualifications & philosophies on dog behavior so that we feel at ease when referring pet owners to these professionals. 

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